Carbon Element Bracelet
Carbon Element Bracelet
Carbon Element Bracelet

Carbon Element Bracelet

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Wear one of the most important elements of life, carbon! This charm bracelet is the perfect addition to any chemistry fan's wardrobe.

Pendant is created from 3D printed bronze steel.

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The Science

What is the periodic table?
The periodic table organizes all known elements. Elements that are close to each other have things in common. All elements are represented by one or two letters, a number saying how much they weigh, and a number saying how many protons are in one atom of each element. Atoms are tiny particles that made up everything around us.

Parts of a square on the periodic table

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Element Examples

Aluminum (Al) is used to create foil, cans, and cars
Oxygen (O) is what we breathe. It is in the air all around us. 20.8% of air is oxygen.
Carbon (C) is essential to all living things. Carbon is also the material diamonds are made from.
Silver (Ag) is used in making jewelry. Your necklace chain in this box is actually plated with silver!
Helium (He) is a very lightweight element. That is why we use it to fill balloons. Since it is lighter than air, it floats up!