Sci Chic Kids Box
Sci Chic Kids Box
sci chic kids girls science subscription box engineering girls subscription box
kids childrens science fashion educational sci chic monthly subscription box calendar
Sci Chic Kids Box
Sci Chic Kids Box
Sci Chic Kids Box
Sci Chic Kids Box
kids childrens science fashion educational sci chic monthly subscription box
kids childrens science fashion educational sci chic monthly subscription box kids science gift

Sci Chic Kids Box

Regular price $19.99

The Sci Chic Kids box lets kids show off the fashionable side of science with exclusive science clothing, jewelry and accessories for just $19.99/month plus shipping! Every box also includes educational materials that explain the science behind each piece. It is aimed at kids ages 7-14, however, we have had kids older and younger enjoy it as well!

Orders for the July Marine Biology box close on June 19!

Every month the kids box includes:

  • Educational materials about that month's science theme
  • A collectible plastic 3D printed science charm to add to the exclusive Sci Chic charm bracelet
  • Exclusive plastic 3D printed Sci Chic jewelry not available anywhere else
  • Access to behind-the-scenes videos showing the 3D printing of that month's items (See April's video here)
  • An interview with a woman in STEM role model from that month's area of science (See May's interview here)
  • At least $50 in clothing, jewelry and accessories all with a fun science theme
    • Ex: BFF Necklaces, Glow-in-the-dark rings, Iron-on Patches, T-shirts, headbands, key chains

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“My youngest daughter was always into science and tech like her brothers, but my nine year old wasn’t. She is now. She LOVES showing off both her jewelry and her knowledge about chemistry and coding now — both of those interests were formed when she went down rabbit trails prompted by the information cards that accompany the themed surprises each month.”
-Colleen Kessler, Raising Lifelong Learners

Monthly themes

Each box highlights a specific theme from that month’s scientific category. For example, February's box contained items relating to space, such as the moon, galaxies, satellites, or the solar system, etc. 

See the full schedule above!

Current theme: Marine Biology

Explore making and the tools that let scientists and engineers make new creations!

Past Boxes

January 2017: Technology


Items in the box:

  1. 3D Printed BFF <Strong></Strong> Necklaces
  2. 2 Glow in the Dark 3D Printed Coding Symbol Rings
  3. 3D Printed Hello World Key Chain
  4. I <3 Computers Button
  5. Sci Chic Charm of the Month

February 2017: Moon

March: Chemistry

Items in the box:
-3D Printed "Gold" Periodic Table Necklace
-Helium Element Pin
-3D Printed Carbon Bracelet
-Element Temporary tattoos
-Monthly Sci Chic charm


    April: Engineering

    Items in the box:

    -3D Printed Aviation Ponytail Holders
    -Remove before launch bracelet
    -Saturn V Rocket Key Chain
    -Rocket Raspberry Lip Balm
    -Monthly Sci Chic Charm
    -Interview with Marielle Pelgrino


      Cancel your subscription whenever you want at Your credit card will be charged on the 19th of each month. Boxes will be delivered in the middle of every month. Need help managing your subscription? Get quick responses at

      Shipping is 5.99 per box in the US. Currently ships to US, Canada, Australia, UK, France and Germany. Shipping varies from $9-$14 for international shipping.

      If there a broken item in your box, let us know within 1 week of receiving the package and we will replace it. There are no refunds available once the box has shipped.

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