Plastic 3D Printed Circuit Board Keychain Science Jewelry
Plastic 3D Printed Circuit Board Key chain Science Jewelry

Circuit Board Key Chain

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The advent of printed circuit boards revolutionized the future of electronics. Now, let our Printed Circuit Board Key Chain revolutionize the future of your fashion!

  • 4cm tall plastic pendant
  • 3D Printed in the USA
  • Comes in organza bag
  • Available in 3 colors: Black, White, Blue

    The Science:

    Have you ever popped open the back of some electronics? A phone, calculator or computer. Well then you have probably seen a circuit board before. Specifically a printed circuit board.These circuit boards were hugely responsible for the size and cost of our electronics decreasing. 

    Before these boards, wires had to be run to each point individually. Now, instead, traces on the circuit board, the lines  zig-zag you see, act as the “wires”. These can connect many different elements that have been attached onto the PCB. 

    The circles you see on the board can be a few things.  Some of them are actually holes through the circuit board called drill holes, while others can be annular rings which are rings of copper around various holes.

    Shipping Time: 

    All items are custom printed for you with a 3 day production time and shipped through USPS with 3 day shipping. Expect arrival in 6-7 days from placement of order.


    Looking for another color, material, size, engraving, etc? Send us an email at and we would be happy to work with you!