For Loop Necklace
For Loop Necklace
For Loop Necklace

For Loop Necklace

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Made for you, the For Loop Necklace lets you show off your love of coding in the form of a fashionable necklace! 

The necklace is 3D printed from stainless steel, hand assembled onto a silver plated 18in chain and packaged into an organza bag.

The Science: 

Loops are used in coding to indicate to the computer when to read and perform certain parts of the code. Different types of loops all have different names, usually referring to how they work. Examples of loops include:

For Loops

While Loops

Do While Loops

For loops tell the code when to start executing that part of the written code and under what conditions to keep executing that part of the code. Different coding languages write out the loop in varying ways, but the concept remains the same.


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