Wheatstone Bridge Necklace
Wheatstone Bridge Necklace
Wheatstone Bridge Necklace

Wheatstone Bridge Necklace

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Don't resist, try out the new Wheatstone Bridge inspired necklace! This necklace was modeled using CAD, Computer Aided Design, software.

  • 4.5cm tall metal pendant
  • Necklace Cord Material: Waxed imitation leather with silver clasp (lead & nickel free)
  • Necklace Cord Size: 1.5mm thick, 47cm (18 ½ inches) in length
  • 3D Printed in the USA
  • Comes in organza bag
  • Available in 5 metals: stainless steel, bronze steel, gold steel, bronze, silver

The Science:

Wheatstone bridges were invented in the 1830s by Samuel Christie, but were later brought into more frequent use by Charles Wheatstone. Wheatstone bridges actually provide very accurate measurements and are still used even as technologies have improved.

A wheatstone bridge is a simple circuit that is used for finding an unknown resistance. Circuits are connections electrons flow from a source, carrying energy. Each of the four zig-zag lines on the earrings represents a resistor in a circuit, as shown to the right. Resistors are put into circuits  lower current flow and voltage.

If three of the resistances and the voltage being applied to the wheatstone bridge are known, then the last unknown resistance can be found using a simple formula.

Shipping Time: 

All items are custom printed for you with a 21 day production time and shipped through USPS with 3 day shipping. Expect arrival in 25 days from placement of order.


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