Atom Earrings

Atom Earrings

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Atom's make up everything, so why shouldn't they make up your jewelry collection? Try out the Sci Chic atom inspired earrings and show your love for science with this well-recognize scientific model!

  • 1in tall metal pendant
  • Surgical steel nickel free earring hooks
  • 3D Printed in the USA
  • Comes in organza bag

The Science:

Atoms are the smallest unit of matter that keep their chemical properties. They measure about a ten-billionth of a meter.

Atoms are made up of three particles: protons, electrons and neutrons. The protons and neutrons make up the nucleus of the atom, represented by the circle in the center of the earrings. The large ellipse paths around the outside of the earrings represent the paths of the electrons in the atom.

This model if an atom is called Bohr's model. It was created in 1913 by Niels Bohr. It was made to improve on previous models and was based on the hydrogen atom. This atomic model has been improved on by new models since this time, but is still often used to represent atoms today.

Shipping Time: 

Stainless steel atom necklace ships within 3 days of order. All  other metal necklaces are custom printed for you with a 21 day production time and shipped through USPS with 3 day shipping. Expect arrival in 25 days from placement of order.


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