Unboxing April's Sci Chic Kids Engineering Box!

Happy Thursday, Sci Chic fans!

As we announced earlier this week, all of April’s boxes have been mailed. Those already subscribed to our subscription service will find their month’s-worth of science fashion in their mailbox any day now -- if they haven’t already!

But mailing all those boxes is no mean feat. We worked long and hard to get them all ready to mail, and when we were done, we decided it was time to celebrate with a taste of what our subscribers were about to experience. So we did the only reasonable thing, and unpacked one of our boxes!

Luckily someone had a camera as we did so, and now we’re happy to present you with our Sci Chic Kids April Unboxing experience! (But why just enjoy this experience vicariously through us? Why not enjoy your own personal Sci Chic unboxing experience? Sign ups are still open for next month’s mathematics themed box.)

So here’s the box itself. It’s like a fresh little chunk of science awesomeness waiting just for you. But don’t make it wait too long (we didn’t), this bad boy was meant to be opened and enjoyed (we did)!

Do you feel that? That excitement coursing through you? That tingling in your fingertips? That’s what it feels like to open a fresh subscription box. We advise you to let this feeling guide you, and jump right into all the awesome science fashion that’s just been delivered to your door!

What’s science without a little learning, right? Double-sided and packed to the brim with information, here we see our monthly educational materials. Take a look through these to learn about gears, rockets, and the machines (and engineers!) that make the wonders of modern flight possible. And don’t forget April’s STEM star. This month we had the pleasure of featuring the one and only, Miss Aerospace!

Next up we have a set of our lovely Soaring Ponytail Holders. Take your fashion to new heights with this design inspired by the mechanics behind some of history’s most successful flying machines! While this particular color combo was exclusive to the Sci Chic Kids subscription box, we now offer others like it online.

Interested in seeing how your Soaring Ponytail Holders were made? Check out this video of one of our trusty 3D printers, Mini, building them from the ground up.

We’ve taken to the skies with the Soaring Ponytail Holders, but why should the sky be the limit? There’s a whole vast universe out there, and we’re going to launch right into it with our next piece, the Saturn V Plastic Keychain. This design pays tribute to the revolutionary rocket that first sent mankind to the moon.

We’ve shown you the Saturn V Plastic Keychain, but it’s not time for launch just yet! Our next piece should always be checked, then removed before launch. Show the world that you’re ready to aim for the stars when you rock this “Remove Before Launch” wristband. You can learn more about the history of the “remove before launch” tag in this month’s educational materials.

We have the famous Saturn V rocket in place, and we’ve checked and removed our “remove before launch” tags, so there’s only one thing left to do. It’s time to blast out of this world with our Rocket Raspberry lip balm! Featuring all original artwork, this one-of-a-kind lip balm is truly unique, and the raspberry flavor is sure to please!

Finally, no Sci Chic Kids subscription box is complete without the monthly charm! Paying homage to this month’s theme of Engineering, this charm piece features the ever-popular symbol of engineering, interlocking gears. Combined with the other monthly charms on your bracelet, this is the perfect piece to remember your adventure into the realm of mechanical and aerospace engineering!

There you have it, Sci Chic fans! That was everything in April’s engineering themed Kids subscription box. I know we enjoyed this unboxing experience and we hope you did too! Though, the best way to enjoy this experience is at home with a box of your very own.

Don’t miss out! Sign ups for May’s mathematics themed subscription box close next week on Wednesday, April 19th!

Until next time, everyone, keep your minds open and your science fashionable!

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