The forecast calls for weather themed fashion!

At Sci Chic we’re fans of all fields of science and we want to represent them in as many ways as possible in our jewelry. A little while back we released the first of our meteorology collection when we debuted the Warm and Cold Front Line Necklaces. While we love these two pieces, and they were a hit among the weather community, we’ve always wanted to expand our meteorology collection.

This week, we finally did just that.

Today it is my great pleasure to introduce everyone to our new meteorology jewelry hot off the print bed!

The piece headlining this new collection is our Tropical Cyclone Necklace!

Appreciate the raw power of nature, as well as the beautiful (and sometimes dangerous) storms it can create with the Tropical Cyclone Necklace. With wind speeds capable of surpassing 150 mph, it's hard to ignore a cyclone, just as it'll be hard to ignore you when you complete your outfit with this powerful necklace inspired by the weather symbol used to represent a cyclone. This piece is currently available in red, white, and black.

Our founder and CEO, Erin Winick, grew up in Florida and has experienced more than her fair share of tropical cyclones, or as we call them here, hurricanes. If you’ve never experienced it, watching one of these storms bear down on you is an awe-inspiring moment.

Often bringing with them fierce winds, unrelenting rain, and most impressive of all, massive amounts of storm surge, hurricanes are truly wondrous creations of nature. Its an indescribable feeling to see mother nature exert such force for such a prolonged amount of time. Put simply, hurricanes are incredible! But they also must be respected.

As much as we love this necklace, and its companion piece, the Tropical Cyclone Earrings, we would be remiss not to advise caution in regards to these storms. A hurricane is no joke. Every year around the world hurricanes cause millions of dollars of damage and even result in the loss of life.

These storms are beyond interesting from a meteorological perspective, but it’s essential to remember they are very real, and very dangerous. If you’re anywhere near an area affected by these storms, we highly suggest you stay up to date with local precautions and safety preparedness. For those in the eastern U.S., we couldn’t recommend a better resource than the Red Cross’s Hurricane Safety Guide.

The next weather piece we’re unveiling today pays homage to another phenomenon we’re more than familiar with in Florida: lightning.

Make a striking impression when you walk in wearing this necklace! Inspired by the brilliant bolts that color our stormy skies, this Lightning Strike Necklace is sure to add an electrifying touch to your outfit. This piece is currently available in black and white.

Both our Tropical Cyclone Necklace and Lightning Strike Necklace are currently available in plastic, but keep an eye open because we’re releasing them in metal soon!

And this isn’t all for our meteorology collection. We’re working on one more piece right now that, we’re beyond excited about it. It’s very different than anything we’ve made before and we can’t wait to put the finishing touches on it and debut it to the world!

Until next time, Sci Chic fans, stay safe and stay fashionable!

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