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Space Fashion Experts: Summer Ash and Emily Rice

Sci Chic is excited to launch our first pieces designed in collaboration with Women in STEM from around the country! Our first partners of choice are awesome astrophysicists and science communicators, Summer Ash and Emily Rice. Creators of the science fashion blog, Startorialist, they were the perfect partners for a series of space inspired pieces. We sat down to ask them a few questions about their careers, inspirations and science fashion! Where did your love of space start? Emily: I was actually a late bloomer it seems, at least relative to some of my colleagues! I always liked math and science, but I didn’t start learning about astronomy until late high school/early college. As soon as I did, luckily through...

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Wear the Solar System

Our newest necklace is now available! Wear the entire solar system around your neck with our Solar System Necklace! All of the planets are sized to scale in this fashionable design.  There are eight planets in our solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. This necklace shows them all in order sized accurately to scale. This means Mercury, the smallest planet, is about 38.3% of the size of the Earth. On the other hand, Jupiter, the largest planet, is 1121% of the size of the Earth. You can see that all of the outer planets are larger than the inner planets. These are called the gas giants and are very different from the planets close to the...

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