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The Tools of Science

From observing planets hundreds of lightyears away to studying microscopic organisms in the deepest depths of the sea, it shouldn't surprise anyone that science can be challenging. But that’s why we have tools to make things easier on us. June’s subscription box theme is “Build It” and in honor of this, we wanted to write this blog post about the tools of science. Specifically, about our tools of science. Here at Sci Chic we use many tools to produce our 3D printed, science inspired jewelry, but we’re going to focus on a few of the most important of them in this post. The first tools on this list, to no one’s surprise, are our 3D printers. In fact, you could...

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Science Outfit of the Day: Sunset in Space

It's a well-known fact that fashion moves in cycles. What's in style one season most likely won't be the next. But you know what never falls out of style? Space. From the awe-inspiring beauty of nebulae to the brilliant burning light of suns almost incomprehensibly distant, the wonders of space have intrigued and inspired many. But these natural wonders aren’t the only thing about space we find beautiful. At Sci Chic, we’re just as inspired by the subtlety and carefully crafted efficiency of the spacecraft we use to reach the stars. It’s this appreciation of the intersection between the natural world and the technology we use to explore it that inspired our most recent Science Outfit of the Day: Sunset...

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