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It’s our mission here at Sci Chic to spark everyday conversations about science through our fashionable, science inspired jewelry. But how exactly do we accomplish that mission? Well, there are a variety of ways, and today we’d like to highlight one of them.

Our monthly subscription boxes launched this past January, and since then they’ve become our most popular offering. We’re ecstatic about this for a number of reasons, but primarily because they are custom tailored to spread our mission.

Each box comes with an abundance of science inspired fashion and it’s our goal to ensure every piece in your box is fashionable enough to grab attention and spark a conversation. After all, if we get more people talking about science, then we get more people thinking about science. And that’s the first step towards creating a society that values and appreciates everything science has to offer.

But why just say we want people to talk and think about science, when we can do it right now? Let’s talk about our most recent subscription box, the May mathematics box!

Sci Chic's May Mathematics science fashion subscription box

The first item in this box is our additional information pages. These list which pieces you can expect in your box, as well as explain the concepts that inspired them (you can read the materials from this, and past boxes here). That’s not all, however. Each month we also feature an interview with an awesome woman working in a STEM field.

This month we featured the spectacular Ivana Lee, a Senior Mathematics Assessment Specialist  at The College Board. In her interview we learned all about her thoughts on math, its importance, and how she’s helping the next generation learn to love the math that makes up our world.

Next in the box, we have our Infinity Necklace! 3D printed in bronze steel, this necklace was inspired by the symbol for infinity. While it’s an unassuming symbol, it’s actually a very important concept. Just as the idea of zero is critical to math on a conceptual level, so is infinity. Numbers such as pi run on without end. This necklace is designed to provide an opportunity to discuss that concept, while still looking fashionable enough to pair with any outfit!

Sci Chic's May Mathematics science fashion subscription box

Speaking of look fashionable, the next piece in our box was made to match with the Infinity Necklace! The Infinity Infinity Scarf is the perfect way to put your love for math on display to the world. It’s practical, it’s stylish, and it’s mathematically sound. Just as infinity runs on forever, so too does this scarf. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to explain the concept of infinity while also looking chic.

The last few items in May’s box are our Greater Than and Less Than Rings, Integral Earrings, and Pi Pencil. While we love each of these individually, we have to say the Pi Pencil really is one of our favorites. Featuring pi to about 100 digits, this pencil shaves off numbers as you sharpen it, slowly reducing pi down to it’s most commonly represented form, 3.14. It’s clever, it’s useful, and honestly, it’s just dang cool.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of Sci Chic’s mission, and how our subscription boxes help us achieve it. And remember, if you liked what you saw in this post, sign ups for our June box close this Friday! You can sign up here.

Don’t miss your chance to get our June “Build It” box and learn all about the tools of science with fashionable, science inspired pieces. I’ve gotta say, we’re excited for this one. It’s always our goal to put a fun, surprising, and fashionable twist on our designs. We’re certain you’ll love the creative twists we’ve come up with this time!

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