See What's Inside Our June Subscription Box

Let's talk about our most recent subscription box, the June build it box! 

Our theme for June is "Build it," which celebrates the tools of science! This month is all about the tools we use to build and create!

The first item in this box is our additional information pages. These list which pieces you can expect in your box, as well as explain the concepts that inspired them (you can read the materials from this, and past boxes here). That's not all however, each month we feature an interview with an awesome woman working in a STEM field. 

This month we featured the ever so talented Kim Dow, Maker Faire Art Director. In her interview, we learned about the maker movement, what she enjoys most about her job, and why it is so important to be able to challenge ourselves to create. 

Next in the box, we have our Fascinating Fasteners Necklace! 3D printed in bronze steel, this necklace was inspired by one of the most common tools, the screwdriver. There are many different types of screwdrivers. Our necklace showcases four screw heads. The screw heads are, from top to bottom, Torx drive, slot head, Allen wrench, and Phillips head. This necklace presents a mixture of science and fashion and would pair well with any outfit! 

Speaking of looking fashionable, the next piece in our box is a custom made Tools of STEM T-Shirt. This light weight and comfy T-shirt explores the fashionable side of science. Show off that you are a proud member of the STEM Squad with this awesome art by TwoPhoton Art.

The last few pieces in our June box are our Tools of Science Pins, Clamp Keychains, and Caliper Bun Sticks. Each of these pieces is unique to the box and contributes to our "Build It" theme. The 3D printed Calipers and the Clamps are essential tools for makers and creators, and that is why we decided to include them in our June box. Feel free to get creative with these pieces. Wear the pins on your Tools of STEM T-Shirt! Attach the Clamp Keychain to your backpack! Use the Caliper Bun Stick as an awesome hair piece! 

The sign-ups for our July subscription boxes have already passed, but if you liked what you saw in this post, don't forget to sign up for our August boxes! You can sign up here.

We are excited about our next couple of boxes and we hope you are too! July's box will be all about biology! As always, it is our goal to put a fun, surprising, and fashionable test on our designs. We're certain you'll love the creative twist we've come up with this time!

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