See What's Inside Our July Marine Biology Subscription Box

Let's talk about our most recent subscription box, the July Box! 

Our theme for July is Marine Biology! This month is all about the science of exploring undersea living organisms! 

Biology is an area of science focused on the study of living organisms. This includes their structure, function, growth, identification and more. Marine biology specifically is the focus of studying living things in the sea. If you love animals and nature, biology is a perfect area of science for you to explore more!


The first item in this box is our additional information pages. These list which pieces you can expect in your box, as well as explain the concepts that inspired them (you can read the materials from this, and past boxes here). That's not all however, each month we feature an interview with an awesome woman working in a STEM related field. 

Our STEM Star for the month of July is Melissa Cristina Márquez and she studies Marine Biology and Conservation! We couldn't think of a better fit for this months STEM Star! 

In her interview, we learned what makes marine biology such a fascinating field of study and why she has been so invested in it for the past few years. 

Next in the box, we have two adult coloring pages from and What better way to spend a rainy summer afternoon than by sitting down and creating your own masterpiece with these awesome coloring pages! 

Next are these awesome Kelp Forest Drawstring Bags! Bring this light weight and spacious bag on all of your Summer adventures, and don't forget to use #scichic to share how you style your bag!

So, what is kelp? Kelp are large brown algae that live in shallow water close to land. They often form forests underwater as a result of growing close to one another in the water. Don't forget to check out the back of your STEM Star page to find out more!

We are really excited about these fashionable Coral Reef Bows by td The Science Mom, and we hope you are too! Coral may appear solid and unmoving, but it is actually alive! So why not fee alive while wearing these handmade and colorful, coral inspired bows! 

Speaking of fashion, the next piece in our box is a custom made, 3D printed Conch Necklace! This necklace was inspired by one of the most interesting undersea living organisms! The word conch is often used to refer to many species of snails and shells of similar appearance that have a signature curved shape to their shell. This necklace presents a mixture of science and fashion and would pair well with any outfit! 

Last but not least, we have our 3D printed Coral Bracelet! We think that this bright and fun bracelet would pair perfectly with the Coral Reef Bow from td The Science Mom! 

Each of these pieces is unique to the box and contributes to our Marine Biology theme! Feel free to get creative with the pieces in your box and post pictures using #scichic! 

The sign-ups for our August subscription box have already passed, but if you liked what you saw in this post, don't forget to sign up for our September boxes! You can sign up here

We are excited about our next couple of boxes and we hope you are too! August's box will be all about machines! As always, it is our goal to put a fun, surprising, and fashionable test on our designs. We're certain you'll love the creative twist we've come up with this time!

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