Science Outfit of the Day: It's in your genes


Be it casual Friday or a lazy day on the weekend, some days you just need to be comfortable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish, too!

For those days when you want to rock a tad more casual fashion, but still show your love for science, we’re proud to present our Science Outfit of the Day: It’s in your genes.

Kicking off things with a simple but stylish top we have a classical round neck plain blouse. While this blouse forgoes a cluttered pattern for a cleaner, sleeker look, it’s not devoid of fashion, and that’s exactly why we love it!

The loose fit (but still slim figure) of this piece makes it comfortable and easy to wear, while the subtle flare of the frilled sleeves give the look a flare for the fashionable! Be comfortable and look good when you wear this classical round neck plain blouse.

Moving on to our next piece, it only made sense to pair our comfortable but stylish blouse with an equally comfortable and stylish pair of everyone’s favorite leg wear.

When it comes to style and comfort, few pieces of clothing are more iconic than good, old fashioned denim. Our It’s in your genes science outfit would be remiss not to include this favorite classic.

These washed denim jeans are the perfect accompaniment to our blouse. They look good in any setting from a night out on the town to a lazy evening on the couch, and best of all, they’ll feel just as good as they look!

Wrapping up with the perfect finish, it’s time to break out the piece we named this outfit for. Our Sci Chic DNA Helix Necklace, available in blue plastic, is the quintessential accessory.

The double helix of our DNA is one of the most iconic structures in science, and one that’s critical to life on earth. Without DNA, we wouldn’t be who we are, or even exist as a species at all! Show your love for DNA, and science in general, when you complete your science outfit with this necklace!

These three pieces are what we consider essential to this outfit, but there are a plethora of other great pieces to add on if you’d like. You can find them all at!

Whether you’re preparing for casual Friday at work, or just enjoying a lazy day in on the weekend, our It’s in your genes Science Outfit of the Day is the perfect choice. Casual, stylish, and comfortable, it doesn’t get much better than this! After all, loving this outfit is in your genes!


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