Science Outfit of the Week: Gear Punk Glam!

Are you ready to gear up for fashion with the science outfit of the week? Today we’re celebrating the mechanized magic of machines with our Gear Punk Glam outfit!

Gears have been used for thousands of years to power machines and drive the advancement of technology. In this blog, however, we’re going to use these simple machines to power your fashion.

Considering how eye-catching it is, we’d be remiss to start this write up with anything other than our anchor piece, the Gestuz Daya Biker Jacket. Carefully crafted of beautiful suede, this jacket features an asymmetrical front zipper whose style makes a bold statement.

Complete with an adjustable belt and an abundance of pockets, this jacket fits well, looks great, and has more than enough room to carry all the gears and tools you’ll need to live the gear punk lifestyle!

Gears rarely work alone, however, and the same holds true for this outfit. While we love our anchor piece, a few more components are required to truly show off your gear punk glam.

What better piece to pair with this outfit than our Geared Up Necklace in 3D printed bronze steel? The necklace demonstrates the basic concept of a gear train, which allows a series of gears to transfer force from one location to another. Paired with the Gestuz Daya Biker Jacket, this necklace will transfer your sense of fashion right to the forefront of everyone’s mind!

Featuring a brilliant bronze finish, the Geared Up Necklace is a statement piece that’s hard to ignore. But why stop there? There’s still more gear glam to celebrate, and our next piece does exactly that.

Our Spur Gear Earrings are the perfect choice to complement both our anchor piece and statement necklace. 3D printed in your choice of plastic or a variety of fine metals, these earrings put the glam in gear punk glam!

Whether you choose plastic, stainless steel, silver, or even 14K gold plated, these earrings are sure to impress with their smooth finish and iconic raised teeth.

Normally we like to keep these blogs to three items, but for this outfit, we just couldn’t help ourselves. We’d like to feature one more piece we feel is absolutely essential to really complete your gear punk glam style.

We’re talking about the Crossbar Flip Up Metal Glasses, of course! We couldn’t think of a better way to round out this gear punk aesthetic than with these glasses inspired by the height of steampunk fashion. Whether they’re keeping the sun out of your eyes, or just tagging along as the perfect accessory to this outfit, these vintage glasses are sure to function well and look great!

The four pieces above are what we consider essential for this gear punk glam style, but just like a true machine, where hundreds of small components come together to fulfill one purpose, this outfit can be paired with a variety of additional pieces. We’d suggest checking out these additional pieces by viewing the full outfit on

Gears have been essential to mankind for centuries and the technology they power has launched us into the modern era. Why not let them launch your style, as well? Wherever you go, you’ll make a powerful statement when you rock our Gear Punk Glam style!

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