Science Outfit of the Day: A Fashionable Forecast

Welcome back to another edition of our Science Outfit of the Day series! This week we’re celebrating the launch of our expanded meteorological collection with a weather inspired outfit.

Say hello to “A Fashionable Forecast!”

Jumping right into things, the Cristopher Kane Lightning-bolt lace midi dress is the eye of the storm for this outfit. Featuring a zig-zagging red lightning bolt motif, this sheer-lace midi dress is sure to draw attention.

Sometimes, here at Sci Chic, we appreciate a more subtle style, but we also realize that some nights you just have to make a statement. With the Lightning-bolt dress as the central piece of your outfit, you’re sure to shock the room.

Lightning rarely strikes the same place twice, but you certainly can when you pair your Lightning-bolt dress with our Lightning Strike Necklace!


Inspired by the brilliant bolts that color our stormy skies, this necklace will be sure to make an impression. Complete with an 18 inch chain, this piece is available in both black and white and is made in the USA.

But why stop there? In the wide world of weather there are many more phenomena to draw inspiration from than just lightning.

Our last piece does exactly that.

While lightning is a facet of most storms, when it comes to a hurricane, it’s only a small part of the big picture. We couldn’t think of a better piece to complete this outfit than our Tropical Cyclone Earrings!

These earrings are inspired by the weather symbol for a hurricane. While these storms are known around the world by many different names, when you add these earrings to your outfit, the only word to describe it will be “stunning.”

Bringing these three pieces together in one outfit is sure to make a grand statement. Show your love for the fascinating weather of our world, and those who study it, with A Fashionable Forecast.

If you’d like to explore this outfit even further, we’ve put together a whole collection of perfect pieces to add on over at

We’ll see you back here next time for another Science Outfit of the Day! Until then, stay stylish, and why not try out A Fashionable Forecast? No matter the weather, you’ll look stunning in this meteorological masterpiece.



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