Sci Chic on America's Morning Headquarters!

Since the launch of our expanded meteorology inspired jewelry line, you may have noticed Sci Chic has been focusing a lot on weather science recently. With hurricane season fast approaching down here in Florida, it’s no surprise pieces such as the Tropical Cyclone Necklace have been on the forefront of our minds. But we’re not the only ones interested in the weather.

The Weather Channel has long been America’s source for the most up-to-date weather news and forecasts. This past Tuesday, it was our pleasure to have our founder and CEO, Erin Winick, appear as a guest on The Weather Channel’s America’s Morning Headquarters (AMHQ) to talk about the fashionable side of science!

You can watch the full interview, and learn more about the featured pieces, below:

 Featured on AMHQ

Sci Chic Kids subscription box

Satellite Storm Necklace

Tropical Cyclone Necklace

Tropical Cyclone Earrings

 Lightning Strike Necklace

Cold Front Line Necklace

Warm Front Line Necklace

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